Good online guitar courses?

Some people asked me if I’m taking guitar lessons anywhere.

I currently am not.

However, out of all the online options, there are two I really like, and I’m currently studying and practicing their materials.

One is Metal Method.  They’ve been around for several years.  Think “classic rock” instead of what consists of “today’s metal.”

The courses are easy to follow, easy to understand, and I notice progress doing their lessons.

Doug Marks has a video called “The best free guitar lesson ever,” and the finger exercises on that are really helpful for learning to play intervals.

And on top of that, one of their instructors, Sarah Spisak, has been really helpful to me when I’ve written and asked questions.

The other company whose courses I’m studying is Guitar Zoom.

Steve Stine is an amazing instructor, and the other people over at their Facebook member’s page are really awesome people.  Steve has videos all over YouTube.  You’ll find expert full lessons on there, not just teasers.

Those are the two sets of materials I’m currently studying.

I also really like Andrew Wasson’s YouTube Channels.  (He has more than one.)

I’ll do more posts on “online guitar lessons” if there’s enough interest in this topic.

Gotta run.  Time to practice guitar! 🙂

Nativity Scene Outdoor


When I was a kid, there used to be lots of really NICE outdoor Nativity scenes.  Now you hardly see them anymore.

I found a really pretty one on Amazon that is made of painted metal so it’s more durable and longer lasting.  Check out the brilliant colors on this:

And at the time of this writing, anyway, it comes with free shipping.


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