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So Great A Cloud Of Witnesses

Hebrews 12:1 in the NIV (New International Version) says “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

Now a lot of folks have ideas about that word “sin” and before I get to the “secret hidden in plain sight” here, let’s go over that word “sin.”

“Sin,” in the Bible, is “to miss the mark.”

Something that hinders is a sin. Something that holds you back is a sin. Something that keeps you from doing the good you know you ought to do is sin. Something that gets in your way, yet you choose it anyway, that is a sin.

If you want to run a race, but you sit on your butt drinking beer all the time, or eating potato chips or whatever stops you from running the race – that is “sin.”

The good news about that is you can always choose to do something better instead.

The context the writer of Hebrews gives is in the context of the ideal of being like Jesus.

Just a quick word here. Lots of people will try to shame you in the name of religious beliefs. They will tell you to “be like Jesus,” yet they themselves cannot do ANYTHING that Jesus did – some of them do not even know how to forgive.

The question here is not “what do other people think of me?” Or “Do other people approve?”

The question is “What is my Ideal, and am I pursuing that?”


I mentioned a “secret hidden in plain sight.”

I have loved reading Hebrews – especially Hebrews 11 for many years, and yet I did not notice what was “hidden in plain sight.”

I saw it, I thought I understood it, but I didn’t really.

The writer talks about the great Bible “heroes of the faith” and how they kept on their path of faith and held to their values and ideals (even those who fell flat on their faces at times), and even in the face of great difficulty.

And he calls up “witness after witness after witness.”

Stick with me for a moment here, while I mention what “some folks do.”

Back over 100 years ago, during the Spiritualist Movement, people were doing seances and things like that to try to contact the dead – it is actually nothing new. It just was kind of “popular” back then.

You might have seen ads for “psychic mediums” who promise to do something along those lines.

Those people temporarily volunteer to be “inhabited” by an outside entity for the purpose of gaining information.

What the writer of Hebrews is talking about is something completely different.

Those who study this from a different point of view would call it “Overshadowing.”

Or perhaps you’re familiar with the idea of a “Mastermind Group.”

When we focus on something – whether it is on purpose or by default – we attract attention on the other side.

Don’t believe that happens? Read Daniel – where the angel told him that the answer was delayed in getting to him because of spiritual warfare.

What the writer of Hebrews does here is to choose – on purpose – to focus on people with specific character traits – perseverance, running the race to the end – even in times of difficulty – and sets up their story of endurance and holding on to what they truly value.

Well when you surround yourself with the CHOICE – and yes, it IS A CHOICE – to focus on things that you value, it draws to you assistance, it draws to you encouragement, it draws to you perseverance, it draws to you COURAGE to do the thing you know you ought to do.

Most folks choose by default.

They sit in front of the tv and soak it in. Or whatever they surf on the web.

You can choose on purpose to fill your mind with those things that help you get to where it is you want to go – your goals, your hopes, your dreams, your ideals!

One of my best friends – Dr. La Tourrette – told me a long time ago that most people’s hopes and dreams are dead by the time they are between the ages of 25-35.

It does not have to be that way.

You can choose!

Go read Hebrews 11-12, and notice how the writer there shows you how to choose in ways that help you keep on keeping on.

Have fun!

Talk with you again soon!

Jim Knippenberg
Author, Speaker, Minister, ESP Trainer, Musician, blab, blab, blab…

psychic abilities

Does natural ability mean squat?

Does “natural ability” mean squat?

Well you have to have at least some ability or capacity to learn a skill.

And DESIRE to learn it is absolutely crucial.

This is a copy of a whiteboard I did for a video I recorded for my clients.

Ingo Swann talked about human power potentials as being difficult to see BECAUSE most people do not even know how to begin to cultivate their potentials.

More about that in another post sometime if there’s enough interest in “human energies.”

We see here in this illustration that Joe and Fred appear to have more ability than Sue, because that “mark” just above Sue’s name is the ability she is currently demonstrating.

Yet what is “unseen” are Sue’s POTENTIALS – if she trains, and “she could be better than the best” with proper training.

And here thought is a “PSYCHIC SKILL.”

Most people do not recognize that “choosing” part of the skills – they think you either have the ability or do not have the ability and that some people are either left or right brain dominant, and not much you can do about it.

But that’s just not true.

How you choose to think – and what you choose to think about – determine where you go in life.

You are not responsible for what someone else thinks of you or does. You are responsible for what you think and do.

Your own thoughts either curse you or bless you. (Others might, in fact, try to curse you with their disapproval or judgemental attitudes or by looking down on you – however you do have ways to “take care of it.”)

How do YOU personally know when you are doing good? How do you know personally when you are on the right track?

I was talking with a friend about this very topic.

I remember once upon a time people asked some questions I could figure out answers for, and I saw lots of dollar signs, so I gave them answers. I myself did not like those answers, even though it was a “fun topic.” I also did not appreciate myself very much for giving them those answers.

I remember asking a friend something years ago, and his reply to me was “you are on a much different path than they are.”

And he was right!

How do you KNOW when you are walking in the path that is right for you?

I do know some folks who claim God tells them – and please don’t get me wrong – I believe in God, and I believe God helps guide people (and ALSO expects people to learn to think for themselves!).

Awhile back I had a conversation with someone who told me “The Lord had laid something on his heart to talk to me about.”

I noticed the location where he was looking when he said that.

Then I noticed the location in his energy field where he looked when he went inside his own head and talked to himselfTHEY WERE BOTH THE SAME LOCATION!

He “thought God was talking to him,” but he was busy just talking to himself… (Easy to calibrate “when you know what to look for.”)


“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”

Reverend Thomson Jay Hudson – in his book from the late 1800’s – The Law Of Psychic Phenomena – wrote that man’s (human’s) greatest intelligence occurs when he (or she) hooks up their whole mind for a specific purpose.

Of course there is much more “hidden in plain sight” on this diagram.

Implied but not stated is “What do you want?” and “Where do you want to go?”

Just a tiny drop in the bucket here.

If interested in more, ask questions or send me a private message.

(c) Jim Knippenberg

Bible Devotions

What does trust in God mean?

I suppose “trust in God” might mean different things to different people.

I like action, though. I do not care much for the idea of sitting around and “waiting on God to do something that you should do for yourself.”

I know people who say “But doesn’t the Bible say to ‘wait on the Lord?'”

That is not a lazy waiting. You “wait” by entering the silence.

There’s a parable from Jesus about the servants with the talents.

The two who DID something with what they had were rewarded for being “good and faithful.”

The fearful servant who dug a hole in the ground, buried what he had, and “waited” for the master to return was called “wicked and lazy.”

He lost everything – even the little that he had.

Edgar Cayce said “Trust in the Lord, and work like thunder!”

My friend Mary likes to say it “You need to put feet to those prayers!”

There’s a story my friend Doc told me about a circuit preacher out west who saw a farmer working on his fence. As the preacher rode his horse closer to the farmer, he heard the farmer praying to the Lord to keep the cows in.

He asked the farmer “I hear you praying to God to keep the cows in, so why are you working so hard to mend your fence?”

The farmer replied: “It just seems to work better that way.”

In the New Testament, James said “Show me your faith without works, and I will show you my faith by what I do!”

I used to know someone who said “If you really want to know what you believe, take a good look at the last few days, weeks, and the last 6 months. WHAT have you done in the last 6 months? That will show you what you truly believe!

The good news to that is “you can always choose to do something better, you can always choose to do something new.”

Jim Knippenberg
Author, Speaker, Minister, ESP trainer, Remote Healing, etc.