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Does natural ability mean squat?

Does “natural ability” mean squat?

Well you have to have at least some ability or capacity to learn a skill.

And DESIRE to learn it is absolutely crucial.

This is a copy of a whiteboard I did for a video I recorded for my clients.

Ingo Swann talked about human power potentials as being difficult to see BECAUSE most people do not even know how to begin to cultivate their potentials.

More about that in another post sometime if there’s enough interest in “human energies.”

We see here in this illustration that Joe and Fred appear to have more ability than Sue, because that “mark” just above Sue’s name is the ability she is currently demonstrating.

Yet what is “unseen” are Sue’s POTENTIALS – if she trains, and “she could be better than the best” with proper training.

And here thought is a “PSYCHIC SKILL.”

Most people do not recognize that “choosing” part of the skills – they think you either have the ability or do not have the ability and that some people are either left or right brain dominant, and not much you can do about it.

But that’s just not true.

How you choose to think – and what you choose to think about – determine where you go in life.

You are not responsible for what someone else thinks of you or does. You are responsible for what you think and do.

Your own thoughts either curse you or bless you. (Others might, in fact, try to curse you with their disapproval or judgemental attitudes or by looking down on you – however you do have ways to “take care of it.”)

How do YOU personally know when you are doing good? How do you know personally when you are on the right track?

I was talking with a friend about this very topic.

I remember once upon a time people asked some questions I could figure out answers for, and I saw lots of dollar signs, so I gave them answers. I myself did not like those answers, even though it was a “fun topic.” I also did not appreciate myself very much for giving them those answers.

I remember asking a friend something years ago, and his reply to me was “you are on a much different path than they are.”

And he was right!

How do you KNOW when you are walking in the path that is right for you?

I do know some folks who claim God tells them – and please don’t get me wrong – I believe in God, and I believe God helps guide people (and ALSO expects people to learn to think for themselves!).

Awhile back I had a conversation with someone who told me “The Lord had laid something on his heart to talk to me about.”

I noticed the location where he was looking when he said that.

Then I noticed the location in his energy field where he looked when he went inside his own head and talked to himselfTHEY WERE BOTH THE SAME LOCATION!

He “thought God was talking to him,” but he was busy just talking to himself… (Easy to calibrate “when you know what to look for.”)


“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”

Reverend Thomson Jay Hudson – in his book from the late 1800’s – The Law Of Psychic Phenomena – wrote that man’s (human’s) greatest intelligence occurs when he (or she) hooks up their whole mind for a specific purpose.

Of course there is much more “hidden in plain sight” on this diagram.

Implied but not stated is “What do you want?” and “Where do you want to go?”

Just a tiny drop in the bucket here.

If interested in more, ask questions or send me a private message.

(c) Jim Knippenberg

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