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He Was Right There With Them

He Was Right There With Them

Luke 24:13-35 tells an interesting story about two followers of Jesus on the first Easter Sunday.

They were walking to Emmaus – about 7 miles from Jerusalem – when Jesus approached them and began traveling with them. Except they did not recognize it was the Master.

They thought He was dead.

Jesus called them “foolish men and slow of heart to believe.” (Luke 24:25)

They did not recognize He was there with them until the event was over, then they were amazed how they did not notice sooner.

Do we sometimes, in the midst of life’s problems, make the same mistake? Do we get bogged down in our disappointments and what seems to be setbacks, instead of noticing the Truth that meets us and walks with us?

We always have the opportunity to choose where we place our focus and attention. We can focus on what seems to have gone wrong, what seems to have been destroyed, or we can focus on the Example who overcame death and showed the way to new life.

The good news is once we begin to change our focus, our eyes start to open, and we can see and live a newer, better reality.

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