Personal Integrity In Your Relationships

What does the word “integrity” mean to you? In your job? In your relationships? In your personal life?

I’m reviewing a recording I did for a few people back in June so I can write the ad for it, and I forgot I told them about my dad and his integrity with his job and with his relationship with me.

See, when I was a kid, we were “poor.”

My dad worked hard, long hours as a mechanic at a place that treated him like a dog.

My mom worked hard, long hours while I was in school, cleaning.

They couldn’t get food stamps when I was little because the people at the food stamp office said if they could afford to put me in a private school, they didn’t need food stamps.

Well when I turned 7, my dad was supposed to have the day off.

My birthday is on a national holiday here in the US.

My dad was real GOOD at what he did. He was always at the top of his class when they sent him to training, and he signed up for EVERY training they would send him to.

He was supposed to have off that day for my birthday.

The “BOSS” called him out of bed early that morning to tell him he HAD to go in to work.

My dad has frequently said “BOSS spelled backwards is DOUBLE S-O-B!”


My dad promised himself that was the LAST holiday he was going to work at that place.

By the time the next holiday came around, he had a job somewhere else.

And within a few months, he had an even better job. He had to take a significant pay cut at first to take that better job.

When it was hard to do so.

He did get benefits with the job.

And within a few years, he was actually making MORE at that new job with a regular schedule than he made previously working 60 + hours a week at the crappy job where they treated him like a dog.

I sometimes remember that story and how my dad had the integrity to “do whatever it takes” to be able to do what he believed was right with me.

He was not always right (in my opinion). Sometimes he was very wrong.

He did stick to what he believed, and he worked hard to get where he wanted to be.

Even if he had to accept what appeared to be a temporary “setback” to get there.

What is YOUR definition of “personal integrity?” And what is important about that to you?

Jim Knippenberg

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